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Cancer Services at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

The Cancer Care Center at Lutheran General Hospital offers emerging therapies and the most advanced options for the diagnosis and treatment of even the rarest forms of cancer. Our specialists are dedicated to treatment through oncology research and advancements in care, all-the-while providing a supportive environment for patient and families.

When you seek treatment at Lutheran General Hospital’s Cancer Center, you have access to a team of specialists working together on your behalf, not to mention a broad range of services all located in one treatment facility, the Center for Advanced Care.

Why Choose Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

  • Our multidisciplinary team approach means skilled radiation oncology physicians work closely with other specialists, medical oncologists and surgeons to offer treatment strategies most targeted to you.
  • Our cancer and oncology specialists train other health care professionals through their research initiatives, publications, medical school teaching appointments, and local and national lectures.
  • You have access to clinical trials and the latest research protocols.
  • One of the first hospitals in the Midwest to offer 3D Mammography; where a series of images from multiple angles combine to yield a more clear, detailed image of breast tissue.
  • Our three-story facility integrates services previously offered at multiple sites on the hospital campus, providing ease-of-access from a connected parking structure, same-day appointments, private waiting areas and shorter wait times for test results.
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Cancers We Treat

At Lutheran General Hospital our oncologists, hematologists and surgeons specialize in treating a range of cancers including:

Additionally, our practitioners serve as consultants on gynecologic cancers and diseases of the breast for other gynecologists, family practice and internal medicine physicians.

Services and Treatments

From diagnosis to treatment and surgery, Lutheran General Hospital treats you, the whole person. From advanced treatment to compassionate, caring support programs, our full range of services include:

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Advanced Technology for Diagnosis

We believe more accurate results mean better diagnosis, better treatment options and, ultimately, better outcomes. This is why we make it a priority to offer some of the latest diagnostic equipment and procedures:

  • 64-slice CT scanner
  • 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • Time-of-Life PET/CT Scan
  • 3-D Ultrasound – GE LOGIQ® 9
  • Digital radiography
  • Digital mammography
  • 3D Mammography or digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT)
  • Mammotome®
  • Nuclear medicine camera
  • Same-day mammograms
  • Genetic counseling

Learn more about our advanced diagnostic procedures.

Meet Our Care Team

Our board-certified medical and radiation oncologists and surgeons work as a team to build your diagnosis and treatment program. Our specialists work with a team of nurses dedicated to cancer care, included nationally-certified oncology nurses. Social workers, chaplains and genetic counselors are also available to expand your care.

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